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We also recomend:
HUPPA STENNA 1 17980127 Jacket (artifical down) /116-152/ XS-XL (90073 dark lilac)
HUPPA STENNA 1 17980127 Jacket (artifical down) /116-152/ XS-XL (90034 burgundy)
HUPPA TERREL 18150010 Kids jacket (100 g) /80-98/ (03197 green pattern)
HUPPA TERREL 18150010 Kids jacket (100 g) /80-98/ (03186 navy pattern)
HUPPA STEVO 17990227 Jacket (artifical down) /116-152/ XS-XL (90048 gray)
HUPPA STEVO 17990227 Jacket (artifical down) /116-152/ XS-XL (90035 blue)
HUPPA STEVO 17990227 Jacket (artifical down) /116-152/ XS-XL (90086 navy)
HUPPA STEFAN 18250027 Jacket (artifical down) /XS-XXL (90048 gray)
HUPPA STEFAN 18250027 Jacket (artifical down) /XS-XXL (90035 blue)
HUPPA STEFAN 18250027 Jacket (artifical down) /XS-XXL (90086 navy)


How to order:

Click on an item and select icon “Put in the basket”. Each selected item could be found in section “Items in the basket”, you can view them and make changes. When order is made, open section “Items in the basket” and fill in e-mail address and password (for registered customers) or register (for new customers). Provided information is confidential and will be used only for delivery and our internal data base to apply discounts and special offers.   

Processing of an order:
After making an order, automatic electronic confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address indicated at the registration. Within the next our working day we will send confirmation letter concerning the availability of ordered goods, detailed sizes of the chosen clothes, and when agreed on everything - an invoice. Please make payment within 3 working days. Afterwards we will call you to arrange mutually the most suitable delivery time/way.

By bank transfer, after receiving an invoice;
By cash, when collecting ordered goods in our Home store, Riga, Veldres street 40;
By cash, at the time of delivery by our courier within the territory of Riga;

Please transfer money into our bank account only after you have received an invoice (it will be sent to the indicated e-mail.) 
Our bank details:

Sanda Kļaviņa
P.K. 240575-12768
Nodokļu maksātāja kods: 24057512768
Piegādes adr. Veldres iela 40
Rīga, LV - 1024, Latvija 
A/S Swedbank, kods HABALV22
Konta Nr. LV80HABA0551040243198
e-pasts: konkorde1@inbox.lv, info@bubis.lv

*** Order delivered via "Omniva"  2.69 EUR

***When collecting ordered goods in our Home store, Riga, Veldres street 40;
***Mežaparks, Čiekurkalns, Jugla, Mežciems, Pļavnieki, Purvciems, Teika , centrs -  MUTUALLY suitable delivery time/place agreed with our courier, regardless of purchase price;


*** Standard delivery in Riga, not with standing the above mentioned conditions from 5,00 EUR (VAT 21% included) by our courier.

*** If order is delivered (sent) via Latvian post.
Oversized goods by agreement;

Standard rates:

Wieght of package

Price for service (incl. VAT 21%)

Till 3 kg

3.54 EUR/2.49 Ls

3-5 kg

4.10 EUR/2.88 Ls

5-10 kg

5.73 EUR/4.03 Ls

*** Order is delivered (sent) via "Pasta stacija" according to "Pasta stacija" rates from 2.49 EUR

*** If order is delivered (sent) via "DPD" courier to your address, by prepayment in Bank account, from 6.48 EUR.


Return or exchange of goods should be made according to Cabinet Regulation No.631  Procedures for the Submission and Examination of Consumer Claims Regarding the Non-conformity of Goods or Services with Contract Provisions (adopted 1 August 2006)


Under Cabinet Regulation No. 207 Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts
(Adopted 28 May 2002) the customer is entitled to right of withdrawal and may return goods within 14 calendar days, if:
•    purchased good is not used; 
•    original packing and components of purchased good are maintained and are not damaged; 
•    customer can present document that confirms the purchase.

In case of returning of good delivery costs are not refunded.
BUBIS.lv will make refund transfer to bank account indicated by a customer within 30 calendar days (delivery costs are not refunded).

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