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Welcome to our e-shop www.BUBIS.lv!

After running a successful Home store for more than 3 years, we have extended our activity by opening online store. We offer a broad range of baby and children’s clothing and other products. New stock lines are added regularly. Great prices and high quality tested by our own. Children’ s clothing  are made in the USA, Poland, Turkey, Great Britain and other countries around the world, and of course in LATVIA.  Many already know us as the store of tights; in particular we offer extensive range of qualitative made in Latvia WERI SPEZIALS socks and tights at a very attractive price.
We are proud of our exceptional customer service – we are ready to measure precise size cm of the chosen clothes to find the most suitable size. It is known that sizes of clothes may vary by different manufacturers even it is indicated as one and the same size.

Also three years we participated at the exhibition in Kipsala: Children World 2012. Probably we have already met!:)
You are always welcome to view, touch and buy correspondingly indicated products on the spot in our Home store. Please find more information in section: contact us.
We are the most flexible store and we are lucky to have the best customers! Thank you for that!:)


Always yours-
Friendly team of Home store for children & www.bubis.lv:)

HUPPA JORMA 26470000 Kids' bib - pants (0gr) /92-134/ (00018 dark gray)
35.90  34.10
HUPPA SILBY 83710000 Babies beanie (00086 navy)
15.90  15.42
HUPPA LEANDRA 18030004 Girls coat /122-152/ (81320 white pattern)
77.00  73.15
HUPPA YOKO 41190004 Set (jacket 40 gr; bib-pants 40 gr) /80-122/ (82347 lime pattern/dark gray)
79.90  75.91
HUPPA JODY 1700004 Jacket (40 g) /158-170/ (80147 lime pattern/lime)
69.90  66.41
HUPPA YONNE 41260004 Set /80-122/ (81263 fuchsia pattern/lilac)
79.90  75.91
HUPPA JUNE 17880104 Jacket (40 g) /80-152/ (81253 lilac pattern)
59.90  58.10
HUPPA JARROD2 80060200 Beanie (00047 lime)
12.90  12.51
HUPPA JODY 17000010 Jacket (40 g) /80-152/ (82347 lime pattern)
59.90  56.91
HUPPA GOLDEN 36080010 Overall with two front zipper /74-86/ (81253 lilac pattern)
76.00  72.20
HUPPA JIMMY 8607BASE scarf - golf (60047 lime)
8.70  8.44
HUPPA GOLDEN 36080000 Overall with two front zipper /74-86/ (00047 lime)
74.00  70.30
29.03.- 1.04.2013. hollydays. As of 2.04.2013. we are working as always! Happy Easter!
29.12.- 1.01.2013. hollydays. As of 2.01.2013. we are working as always! Happy New year!

EVERY DAY NEW STOCK AT www.BUBIS.lv. All the time we broaden the range of goods in our online store. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in anything particular that you cannot find pages of www.BUBIS.lv
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